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Business continuity and resiliency

Business continuity has been dealt with as a separate set of infrastructures, which need to be deployed for contingency and emergency. Most of the enterprise BCS servers sit in the data centre and the full capacity of the infrastructure set apart for Business Continuity is never utilised. With the provisioning of cloud infrastructure, Smart Minds helps enterprises move their BCS into cloud lowering cost.


Smart Minds works with major cloud computing infrastructure providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Smart Minds team looks for opportunities to deploy solutions developed for clients into the cloud and provides cost/benefit analysis of using the cloud in the long term reducing total cost of ownership and maintenance cost.

Digital marketing services

Digital marketing is undergoing constant change with more and more platforms becoming available for enterprises to advertise digitally. A handful of digital marketing tools which were available before have grown rapidly and so have the tools and utilities. Smart Minds guides clients with creating and executing a digital Marketing strategy and measuring effectiveness. In addition to the technical aspects of digital marketing, Smart Minds helps clients create promotion material and text, leveraging partnerships in content writing, video and image creation firms.

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